Positive Thinking: The importance of being social

Positive Thinking: The importance of being social

Being social is healthy for the mind, it allows us to clear our thoughts and express our feelings.

Some of us may not be getting enough social time at work but it’s important especially in a job that can become repetitive, stressful or exhausting. Socialising takes away some of these feelings that cause us to ‘burn out’ at work.

We can live in a full house, with family but never spend enough time together and we lose our connection and become distant with each other and it affects us emotionally and generally through life.

When dealing with stress we turn to people for comfort, to share our problems and it helps to talk to others. Whilst we understand this, we don’t necessarily think about other people dealing with stress. We avoid talking to people and do not spend time and talk to them but like ourselves, they need us.

We should take more care towards each other.