There is a documentary I caught on Netflix called Minimalism. It changed my outlook on life – specifically what I choose to own and what I let own me.

There comes a moment in life when perspective slaps you in the face and you’ve no choice but to listen to why. I watched Minimalism on New Year’s Eve 2016, the most reflective of moments.

As you’d imagine the focus of the documentary is about the search for the important things in life – people, values, possessions and objects, with the underlying message that if we don’t control what we choose to possess it can often end up possessing us.

The two protagonists are Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, who tell us of their own journeys and why they choose to live minimalist lives – decisions met through battles with busy-ness and lack of life satisfaction – something we all face, and eventually question. Through the documentary they take us on their travels of promoting this lifestyle around the United States. They start off with a notion, a book and of course, free hugs. Sometimes they have only 2 people listening to their talks but as they keep travelling the audience begins to grow, a reality that minimalism isn’t just a passing trend.

We hear stories of people who have quit their jobs at Wall Street, people who travel with just one bag and not much else, couples who downsize their homes, not just for budget but to create a wholesome lifestyle.

Minimalism is more than a hippy-way of living. It’s about finding our feet in the world, manifesting what we want to be and disowning everything that doesn’t satisfy our hunger to be and create.

The authors have helped over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less, and if you don’t have Netflix you can watch the full documentary for free here: