50 simple habits that will change your life

50 simple habits that will change your life

Follow 50 simple habits that will change your life:

1. Be kind to people around you

2. Find a new hobby

3. Keep a plan of day to day goals

4. Meditate for 10 minutes every day

5. Eat healthy

6. Learn a new language

7. Wake up early

8. Learn to love your family and friends

9. Do yoga stretches every day

10. Learn to drive a car

11. Read a book every day

12. Learn something new on TED Talks every day

13. Create your own space at home

14. Avoid negative people

15. Clean up daily

16. Create a music playlist to listen to

17. Be positive and keep smiling

18. Start a blog

19. Travel often

20. Keep less belongings

21. Break a bad habit

22. Grow a plant

23. Minimise time spent on social media

24. Keep your friends close

25. Stop watching TV

26. Learn to cook

27. Take regular walks in nature

28. Learn a new skill

29. Appreciate what you have

30. Forgive others

31. Learn to overcome your fears

32. Keep at least one best friend

33. Have no regrets

34. Keep no secrets

35. Live with an open heart

36. Stop complaining and take action

37. Learn from mistakes

38. Do something nice for someone

39. Be curious

40. Learn to enjoy your own company

41. Create your own style

42. Keep an open mind

43. Always express your feelings

44. Never rush anything

45. Get 8 hours of sleep every day

46. Accept your flaws

47. Take a break and relax often

48. Listen to your body; eat when your hungry, rest when you’re tired

49. Always do things that make you happy and help you to become a better person

50. Stick to these simple habits that will change your life