5 reasons to avoid anger

5 reasons to avoid anger
  1. Anger is toxic

Anger can have a negative effect on your health. Due to the high blood pressure and an irregular function of the organs whilst you are angry, having long term episodes of anger mean that your organs are more likely to fail in the future

  1. It doesn’t help the situation

Anger can only make a situation worse, you are less likely to give a productive response whilst you are angry. It can cloud your judgement

  1. It doesn’t provide you with a solution

Where does it get you? Being angry does not provide a solution. It does not give you the answer or help in any way, you are more likely to make the wrong decisions/take wrong actions whilst you are angry

  1. It affects others

You will hurt other people’s feelings by being angry and saying something you will regret whilst you are angry, this will make you feel worse later on

  1. You will end up alone

No one would want to be around someone who is constantly angry all the time, we all want to live happily and it’s easy to avoid someone who is angry, end up disliking them


Instead of being angry, we can reduce our emotional state by taking a minute to calm down, letting go of the anger by accepting that it won’t help the situation but only make it worse.