20 Free things you can do today

20 Free things you can do today

Below is a list of 20 absolutely free things you can do today:

1. Watch the sunset – sit on top of a hill and admire the sunset

2. Take a walk in the park – inhale the fresh air and be one with nature

3. Visit a meditation centre – join in on an early meditation session

4. Watch the stars – from your garden or park, lie down and watch the stars. The brightest stars are the oldest stars!

5. Climb up a mountain or walk up a hill and admire the view from the top

6. Visit a free museum

7. Take a walk along the river – bring together your thoughts on a peaceful river walk

8. Visit an art gallery – admire the art at a local art gallery

9. Check out the free shows or festivals in your local area

10. Visit a landmark or attraction nearby

11. Relax on or take a stroll along the beach – or go for a swim in the sea

12. Check out the events at your local community

13. Volunteer – do some volunteering at your local community or charity

14. Visit a library – read a comic book or pick up a classic novel

15. Write a novel – step into the world of your imagination and pluck out a descriptive story

16. Camp out alone or with some friends, take some snacks and enjoy a cosy campfire

17. Visit a friend – catch up with a friend and chill

18. Visit family – visit a familiar face

19. Visit an outdoor film festival

20. Sign up for a free day pass at a local gym or attend a free outdoor fitness taster session

Check out the Meetup app to find other free activities in your area.

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Photo by Glen Jackson on Unsplash