This is a place for all those those who seek more meaning in their everyday lives.

Positive Thinking Habits is a guide on how to become happy and successful with or without people, work or money, to teach you to change your usual habits and live a more purposeful life.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the busy world that we live in today. It’s easy to become isolated from those who are close to you, living in the same house as you, ignoring the text message from your close friends because you have simply become too busy in life.

When you grow up in one of the busiest cities in the world, stress and anxiety are unavoidable, but if you change the way you think you can quickly build up a life of positivity, happiness and success.

I believe that it’s important to follow the path that not only makes you happy but gives you a sense of purpose. Most people are searching for material gain such as money and because of this they will never feel inner achievement and happiness will only come from gaining more money.

If you search for material gain, you will lose focus on yourself and the world around you.

Hi, I’m Roshnee, the founder of Positive Thinking Habits. I’m passionate about happy living and helping others to live a happy life. You can find out a bit more about me on Instagram.

My passion for life and purpose from a young age has lead me to create Positive Thinking Habits. I hope to inspire you, to help you change the way you live and to bring you happiness, success and purpose.